Friday, October 22, 2010

Book Pumpkins & Other Easy Halloween Decor

 Aren't these the cutest little Jack-o-lantern's you've ever seen? 
What a simple and cheap Fall/ Halloween decoration.

Book Pumpkins
1. First find an old book or pick one up from Goodwill for $.50.  Then mark 2 lines on the side.
 2. Make a mark in the center of the top too.

3. Start folding up the corners at right angles. I did 3 pages at a time then separated.
4. After separating ink the ends, and paperclip the "end" pages together to keep it "round".
5. Cut your jack-o-lantern face and tape on and decorate the top with leaves jute berries or whatever you have! Wah lah- a free/ cheap Halloween decoration!
You can also make a taller skinnier cylinder one by folding the pages right in half. You can also remove the face for fall decor. :) P.S my book was small, probably 4x6 and 200 pages.

And here's a few other cute easy Halloween ideas.
  • A friend gave the the bottle of Candy corn and I thought it would just be cute as a decoration. 
  • I also love my calendar blocks and Scentsy wrap.

  •  Try painting some terra cotta pots for a cute candy dish and decoration. These pots are only about $.25 each.
  • And what's a Holiday post without mantel decorations? Here's what I did this year.
  •  I made a makeshift wreath holder out of wire. I then sewed a straight line down the edge of a 3 x 24 inch piece of fabric for this festive wreath holder cover. "Sew" easy cheap and cute. My kinda craft.
What are you going to try? I would love to hear if you make anything- savvychichome@gmail

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  1. Spooktacular!!! Everything Halloween sits mighty fine with me!!

    My Halloween Mantel photos are now published if you'd dare to drop over when time allows.

  2. Hi,Danielle!
    I feel like I found a goldmine of Fall/Halloween ideas in this post! Wonderful. What great ideas. Those book pumpkims are going to show up on my mantle for sure! They are such a clever idea!
    So nice to find you and visit!

  3. great projects--I love how you covered the wire for hanging the wreath--very clever!

  4. OH My Goodness this is fabulous! I have it bookmarked to feature.

    However, you have to have your "Tip Me Tuesday" button inside the post to have it linked up.

    Upload it so I can feature you. This is amazing!

  5. HA! I made one of those in school years ago! The pumpkin out of a book, I mean. So, so cute. Thanks for sharing!
    suzie @


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