Friday, November 19, 2010

Easy Washer and Dryer Stand Tutorial

Alrightly folks here is a tutorial on how to build your own washer and dryer stand for way less than those store bought ones. Plus I think this is even better because of the storage underneath and on the side.

Here is what you are building:

 Supplies needed-
Wood- Have store cut plywood for you :)
  • 1 top- plywood- 30 x 60 inches
  • 2 sides- plywood- 18 x 30 inches
  • 1 back- plywood- 18 x 60 inches
  • 10  2x4's cut to 18 inches
  • about 140 inches of trim (we did not trim the side against the wall, adjust yours accordingly)
 Other Supplies:
  • box of screws- 2 1/2 inches
  • primer
  • paint -brushes
  • 2 L brackets
  • wood glue (optional)
  • small nails with no head for trim
  • spackle
  • miter saw to cut 2x4's and trim
  • drill with lots of battery power :)

  1. Ok Have all your 2x 4's and plywood cut to size? Then time to screw your 2x4's into your plywood back. 3 pieces evenly spaced flat along the back- leaving about 3/4 inch, or thickness of plywood, on both ends. (look closely at picture) We did 2 screws on bottom, 2 on top and you can use wood glue if you want.- *Unlike the picture go ahead and screw another 2x4 into the center back 2x4 making it double wide*. :)
  2. Make 2 Sides- only put 2  2x4's flat along the sides leaving one end with out a 2 x4. 
  3. Connect sides to back. The "open" side of side piece then goes at a 90* angle to back piece in the 3/4 inch space you left. See picture.
4. Screw top into place- into the 2x4's. Ohh it's beginning to come together.
 Should look like this... except your center back piece should be double wide. :)

 5.  Using the last 2 pieces, screw and glue them together, then screw them into top, then using your 2 L brackets secure them on the back side to the top.

 6. Time to start the trim. Measure twice cut once. Use your nails to hold in place, optional wood glue.

 7. Should look like this. Time to plaster/ putty those gaps with your spackle. Can spackle any plywood pieces that might be a little course as well. But honestly most of it will be covered by the washer and dryer. Let dry.
8. Sand and smooth
9. Prime and prime again, and Paint!

Wah lah you have yourself a beautiful fully functional washer and dryer stand!!!

Here's my before: Love all that crap on the top, and the big basket of shoes peeking in the corner?
And After: Ahh Bliss. Clean, organized and funcional. Yay!

 Whatcha think?
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Washer and Dryer Stand Reveal

 Being very pregnant and tall it was getting pretty hard bending over and over to do laundry. I have seen some ladies in blogland build a Washer/dryer stand before and thought we could tackle it too. So I had my wonderful hubby build one for me and oh do I love it.
Things I love about it:
  •  Well of course it looks so much better. :)
  • 18 inches off the ground is so much easier on me.
  • It was so cheap to build- 2x4's, plywood, trim, screws, nails, paint and primer, and 2 L brackets is all you need.
  • It hides laundry baskets, trashcan, and our big ol honkin shoe basket. So it clears up a bunch of floor space and the laundry room looks a lot cleaner.
  • Oh and I love that the baskets can sit on the ground and easily slide in and out.
  • The space on the side is perfect for my laundry supplies, and looks a lot better than on top of my washer.
  • It is totally sturdy, no shaking or anything. Very pleased about this since it is our own design.
And other laundry room news... this is also our mudroom right off the garage, so we throw our coats and shoes in here. I added these hooks for easy hanging.

 On the left is our family growth chart. 

I simply measured and marked the wood board and stamped on the numbers. 
Then added the flowers which were like 50 cents at a craft store.

 Washer and dryer stand tutorial coming soon!
I took pictures of the process and would love to share it with you! 
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

 Well things are developing nicely in Baby Girl's room. No we still don't have a name for her yet. :( But here's what I have been working on.  I bought a the bumper crib skirt and small sham off of EBay. It is Pottery Barn's "Chloe". I love the colors in it and the price was right.

 When I got the bedskirt it just had the green ric rac on it. I spiced it up by adding the pink and turquoise ribbon with Jolene's permanent fabric glue. Yes it's washable! Very Easy!!

 I also added these rosettes to the pillow sham.
For the walls I simply framed some scrapbook paper, and I couldn't be happier with it! I love love love this!! It is colorful and fun and simple and modern and girly all wrapped up so beautifully.
I was planning on making a quilt, but laziness pregnancy got the best of me. Also I wanted to applique her name on it but since there is no name yet and I am too impatient to wait any longer I came up with this. I simply just used a store bought white silky/minky and added the ribbon and rosettes to match.
 I love how it turned out. Simple and sweet.
 I used the fabric glue to hold the ribbon in place (perfectly straight) then I sewed everything on.
 Only 8 more weeks and we will have another precious little girl to add to the house in her sweet little room.
Ohh I am having fun in this room. I have a great window and alphabet art to hang up above the changing table. I also want to make a cutie flower ribbon mobile, nursing cover, and car seat tent to match. We'll see if I get around to all that. Wish me luck on the curtains, hopefully they're next! 
I just noticed that this room matches my blog, how cute. :)
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