Friday, August 20, 2010

Framing- What a difference

Our half bath was so boring. It needed some contrast and detail badly. It had a regular old unframed builders mirror in it. I got some wood from a friend one day, and decided to do this. I looove a free project! This frame makes such a difference was was sooo easy, I did EVERYTHING by myself in about a day.

First I cut my boards to the size of the mirror. I think they are 1 inch think and 6 inches wide. Then I did my paint. If you look close you can see some red peeking through the black gloss paint. I painted black, red then lightly brushed black again.

Once it was dry I used my good ole liquid nails and stuck it on the mirror.

You'll want to paint a little bit inside the wood, because the mirror will reflect the top part.
And wah lah. Sorry I totally forgot to take a before picture. I guess I was just too excited.

It looks like a nice big expensive mirror now (and it only cuts off an inch of my tall hubbies head). On to figure out the rest of the bathroom details now. But I do have to say that I really like having a ribbon around the hand towel for decoration as well as keeping it in place and not on the floor.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kitchen Chairs!

So I have had my kitchen chairs painted now for about a month, but they wore me out so bad I am just now feel like posting about them. :) So here is my table and chairs, finally done.
I borrowed my friends paint sprayer thinking it would be fairly easy, like a can of spray paint right?...well it wasn't easy. A paint sprayer is much heavier and finicky than a can of spray paint. But it produces beautiful results, very nice and even, in the exact color you want, and is cheaper than buying a zillion cans of paint. And I can't even imagine trying to paint all those spindles using a brush!
I followed the basic steps- 1-2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint, distressing, glaze, and polyurethane. Ah it makes me tired even typing out all those steps. I posted step by step instructions on the table transformation found here.
A few tips on using a paint sprayer:
-you have to thin the paint A LOT!!!!!!
-because the paint is thinner, it applies thin coats- so be patient.
-it dries a little faster because it is thinner :)
-your forearm will get tired- because the sprayer is heavy.-nice workout
-cover everything!!- my garage floor is a little splotchy now :)

More creamy goodness.
And on another note... I got some vinyl for my picture gallery/ kiddie table wall. Only $8 after I used my Kohl's $10 giftcard I got in the mail.
Finally complete... until I change my mind. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's a Girl!- Decorating Plans

Well if you didn't know already, I found out today that I'm expecting a little baby girl on January 4th. With my previous 2 girls I had made some cute bedding with a pink white and green princess frog theme. Now I am ready of something new and am dreaming of this....

Of course it is Pottery Barn :), and it is called the Coco Dot. I love the turquoise and other colors. I also love the ric rac and the overall simpleness of it. I think it would be pretty easy to make, but I don't find it that bad of a deal at $159 for the set, especially if you have a coupon.

I might make the quilt with name appliqued on it like this (from Melissa at found at Moda Bake Shop- so cute!

I also plan to keep the changing table/dresser turquoise!! So fun. It had painted it previously to be a buffet, but it will work much better for the baby's new room. Of course there will be a changing pad on top and some shelves added with baskets for decorations, toys, or books.

If I can convince my hubby, I want to add board and batten. Thrifty Decor Chick shows us how.

What do you think?
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