Friday, May 28, 2010

Splurge- Crewel Pillows

Ok I admit..... I splurged (in my standards).
It was so worth it though. I found these crewel embroidered pillows at Marshalls the other day and they were just too perfect to pass up. $20 a pillow isn't that bad considering it adds so much visual interest, great texture, adds beautiful colors and ties the pops of color in my kitchen into my family room. Totally worth it.I have had my eyes on these for about 9 months. I first saw them in pottery barn and didn't know this type of embroidery was called crewel.I also saw this at Pier One, but I wasn't about to spend $30-$40 on either of these. At one point I went to a specialty fabric store and found the crewel fabric I loved was over $100 a yard! What the?!
Anyways mine are perfect for our home and I am loving them.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DIY Roman Shades

If you love hot glue, saving money, and sleeping in you will love this post! Here is how you make some black out roman shades using your regular $4 mini blinds! Lots of pictures and very easy steps- sew, disassemble, measure, glue, hang!
Let me also say that these are great because they function as an attractive window treatment as well as a privacy blind!
1. Buy black out liner and top fabric. Liner always on sale for about $2.50 a yard at your favorite fabric store. You will want about 1/4 inch wider than blind size, and actual length of your window.
And for your top fabric of choice about 2 inches wider on all sides.
FYI when buying blinds they always run a half inch shorter than size stated on package.

2. Cut the liner about 1/4 inch wider than the actual size of the blinds. Then lay the top fabric under the liner. Fold top fabric over twice so no raw edge is showing and press, pin, and sew- so it looks like this, but better. It's easy I promise :) I have also seen no sew ones where the ladies fold and glue directly over the back of the blind.

OK you will have a nice sewn rectangle that should measure slightly smaller than the inside of your window, and slightly larger than your mini blinds. If you want to get fancy like I tried, you could make a smaller rectangle and sew it to the top- for a more finished look.
OK all sewing complete!

3. Fun part! Start with your regular mini blind and disassemble as follows. Pop off the caps on the bottom of blinds using screwdriver.
Locate the ladder cords that separate all the blinds vertically.My blind had 3 ladder cords and 2 main cords on the sides. DO NOT CUT the Main Cords. So cut and remove all ladder cords. See picture.

4. Next remove most of your mini blinds off the remaining 2 cords. You didn't cut those right ? ;) This is what it should look like.

5. Measure how many separations/folds you want and space your mini blinds evenly. Remember that this measurement will be divided in half visually -because when the blinds are pulled the separations will be folded in half.

6. Glue 2 blinds on top of each other for more stability and weight. Be careful the glue can burn you through the blinds. :(
7. Glue blinds to your measurements on your fabric. Do not glue the cords or the openings down. Because we are using blackout liner the hot glue doesn't show through. If you use a different liner I suggest a strong fabric glue.

8. Making sure the cords are fully extended tie a knot at the bottom and cut off excess. You can choose to make your last fold before the bottom, so it had a "skirt", or go completely to the bottom and it will fold.

9. Next cut a hole for your pull strings, make sure it is wide enough.
(I had to cut mine a bit wider than this) No the raw edge doesn't bother me-but you could sew a button hole here instead- I'm just too lazy. :)
This is what you have, beautiful!

Even though I didn't(please learn form me) I suggest gluing some blinds at the bottom for added weight so they go down easier.
10. To hang them you will have to pull back the glued fabric on the top for them to fit in the brackets.
Enjoy sleeping in with your new black out roman shades! Really they are easy to do once you get going.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Make Your Own Chia-Caterpillar

Isn't this little guy darling? My daughter brought this home from preschool and I just had to share him with you.

Supplies needed
  • old pantyhose (can have runs but not big holes)
  • dirt
  • grass seed
  • googly eyes
  • pipe cleaner
Cut a leg off of some pantyhose
Mix about 4 cups of dirt and 1 1/2 cups of grass seed in bowl or bag.
Put about 1/3 of mixture in the end of the pantyhose leg, tie a knot.
Repeat 2 more times. Cut off the extra.
Hot glue on eyes and pipe cleaner antennas.
Water him regularly and watch him grow!

My little ones have loved watching his "hair" grow. He might need a haircut soon. :)

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