Friday, September 10, 2010

A post worth waiting for!!

Ok sorry everyone. I lost my camera battery charger so I haven't been able to post in a while but I found it and an able to post again. YAY!
I have been keeping busy with projects. Here is the rundown of what I've been doing for the past few weeks. Hope it was worth the wait!!
  • I refinished my long dresser-now buffet. Painted bottom black, refinished/re stained the top, and raised it 3 inches.
  • Painted big mirror over buffet.
  • Accessorized dining room.
  • Painted office a blue gray.
  • In the process of painting futon (ran out of paint)
  • Rearranged office furniture.
  • Started nursery bedding. Found a Pottery Barn set on Ebay, and I an going to embellish it with more ribbon and make the quilt.- Oh and I got a new sewing machine!! Double yay!
  • Bought, painted, and glazed end table for nursery. Soo gorgeous!!
  • In the process of putting beadboard in our family room bookshelves.
Phew. So I am going to take this in strides and show you my new dining room/buffet today. :) You'll have lots to look forward to within the next few days.

Now on with the pictures! Before with no bench and a much too big armoire.
Also see(Craigslist table and chairs $50) and (reupholstered chairs)
Before with turquoise dresser. It so was not long enough! (Now it's a pretty changing table.)
Replacement dresser and mirror before I painted them:

Found on Craigslist for$30
Bored of the before's already?! Give me some good pictures!
Drum roll please- here are the afters!
See those legs? Funny story. I raised the buffet 3 inches by adding baseball end caps from the Louisville Slugger baseball museum. They are the leftover wood on the end of the bat after they carve the bat out. They were free and had tons of them- I knew they'd come in handy. :)
Long dresser and mirror fit much better here.
I decided to go a little more sophisticated with the black bottom and stained top.

Made the bench from scratch.
I love to decorate this during holidays.
Anyone up for a pinecone cocktail?
Found this silver tray at Goodwill for $2. Whoot whoot!
Oh and one more thing we use this dining room as my girls coloring/ craft room. The dresser has plenty of drawers and everything was so inexpensive anyways. They hop up on the bench and color away. I LOVE that it is getting used so often.
Oh did I mention that this ENTIRE dining room only cost around $200! Oh yeah.
Stay tuned for a bunch more exciting projects!!
Will it be the office, nursery or beadboard book shelves?

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  1. I'm just stopping by from Shanty 2 Chic and just wanted to tell you how great your dining room turned out! I can't believe all the projects you are working on and I must say I am super jealous you found that dresser for $30!

  2. Hi from New Friend Friday! I admire your dedication to refinishing, it all looks fabulous! I get all inspired to start a fab project, and then my short attention span kicks in and I'm off to start something new!

  3. Hi, I found your blog on the Creative Girl's new friend Fridays. I love what you did with the buffet, it's beautiful. What kind of time do you have to invest in a project like that? I am also curious how you made the bench, I know benches are pretty basic, but I can't tell, is it all wood, or partially metal?

  4. I'm your happy new follower.

  5. stopping by from seeing your post on shanty2chic. Love the mirror. Isn't craigslist awesome.

  6. You are amazing girl. Where do you come up with all your ideas? It looks beautiful.

  7. Wow, everything looks fabulous. Can't wait for the next posts. Next time we visit we won't recognize the house :-)

  8. What a great dining room. I love the new buffet. Please stop by my blog today for my Show Off Sunday Party. I would love for you to share your new room with my followers.

  9. Everything looks so good. I really need to find a dresser exactly like the one you painted. I'm sure your girls have fun with the bench - nice job.

  10. very nice, great job on the refinishing, and the pine cone cocktails look fun!

  11. I followed you over from New Friend Friday and am impressed by your refinishing skills! I'm following you so I can get ideas for decorating our new house!

  12. Hopped over from cottage instincts. Phew is right, I'm tired just reading and thinking about the amount of work you have done. But oh the results are stunning. Everything looks beautiful.

    blessings, jilly

  13. Gorgeous job on the dresser! I love the black base with a walnut top!

  14. What a wonderful, cozy family space ! The dresser turned out just lovely !!!

    thanks for sharing,

  15. I love what you did!! The runner is gorgeous!!

  16. Wow, that buffet looks AMAZING!!! You did a fabulous job. The whole room looks wonderful!

  17. I love the elegance of looks awesome!! Great job!

  18. It looks all ready for Thanksgiving! The dresser is a superb transformation.

    Did you hear about our $100 value Roxy girls' bedding giveaway? Hope so (it ends tomorrow). Jane F.

  19. Beautiful long table ready for the season. Very elegant!

  20. I can't believe how gorgeous the dresser and mirror turned out. They look like something expensive made just for the dining room. Fun projects.

  21. Great job! You are very talented. Love the buffet.


  22. Very nice. & I love your table runner as well!

  23. Positively stunning!! You've done a great job making over your space and I love your tablescape. So autumnal :)


  24. love your redo.. it worked out great.

  25. That looks just wonderful! You are going to love having that to decorate for all the holidays and seasons.

  26. You have done such a wonderful job remaking your dining room. I know that you will be proud to entertain any and everyone in your lovely room. The dresser is gorgeous now, and I am impressed with the trick for raising the legs...genius! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  27. Nice! I want one of those!! You did such a great job, and it does fit the room so much better.

  28. Very pretty table.

    Partying with you at Donna's.

  29. Hi there,

    New follower from New Friend Fridays. Beautiful layout. Look forward to seeing more.

    Please come by whenever you get a moment. I would love for you to follow me back.

    The Things We Find Inside

  30. Great buffet and ooooh the storage options. Came over from Funky Junk.

  31. Just love your terrific dining room and all the work you did was worth it. I hope your enjoy the new room. All of it done on a thrifty budget. The $2 tray is great with the new centerpiece.

  32. wow great furnishings, i really like the wooden dining table, its very cool and very grand looking, the way it has been set up with the runner and candle stand just makes it perfect

  33. The sideboard looks perfect! I love the stained top with black bottom. Looks elegant!
    The entire room is wonderful!

  34. Fabulous buffet transformation! Congrats on winning the blog make-over from Poppies at Play. :)

  35. P.S. What did the baseball end caps look like before they became a part of your home decor? :)


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