Friday, February 5, 2010

Like New Chairs

I got my beautiful antique dining room table and chairs for only $50!!! Yep, and it has 3 leafs, extends to 102 inches and has 2 beautiful pedestals. I love Craigslist. It only came with 4 chairs, but I plan on putting a long bench on one side. The chairs needed some work though, repadding and new upholstery. It was like sitting on a brick. So here's what I did for only $15.
The ugly hard before chair.

I got some square foam cushions at Walmart $10. I cut and reglued to shape of my chair. Instead of batting I used an old comforter from my college days. Make sure there are no lumps in it though. Put chair seat on top and cut out about 4 inches from chair, use this pattern to cut the rest of your batting and new upholstery fabric.
Set everything up chair, foam, batting and fabric with chair directly in center. Ready to staple, you can staple the batting and the fabric at the same time. I learned from HGTV to do one staple in the middle then pull the other side and staple one more and then do the other 2 sides the same way. Finish the stapling around the sides leaving the corners for last. Try to staple the same distance from the edge all the way around, that way you will see less bulging and puckering.
Cut the batting off the corners.
So it looks like this. Put a staple or two to hold the batting down.
Fold the corners and staple like this. This is kinda tricky to not get buldges and puckering.
Cut off extra batting and fabric then reattach your new seat to your chair.

Here's the after chair, it looks and feels so much better. Any one want to join us for dinner? P.S. I got my fabric from Walmart. It looks like microfiber and was only$3 a yard. I will show you my table and a very cool trick I used on it soon.


  1. I am SO impressed!!! With the price of the table and your recovering job. I would LOVE to come for dinner : )

  2. We seriously have to move away from Utah! You can't get those kind of deals on Craigslist here.

  3. Wow, Danielle. That looks really classy! Ditto to the comment from Queen of the Hill. No good deals here.

  4. Holy moly, that is an amazing transformation - very classy indeed :)


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