Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Warm Windows & Ebates

With everyone getting so much snow lately, I thought I'd do a post on thermal curtains. Yep have you heard of those? They are lined with "foam backing" and help to cut energy costs. They claim to reduce heating and cooling costs by 30%. They are also light blocking.
Well our house was curtainless in January and our two story family room and kitchen were getting quite cold. I thought I give thermal curtains a try. We got them up and man can I tell a difference. I don't know if our energy bill has gone down at all, but I can tell that the room is WARMER!! Yes, a good investment. And it is supposed to help in the summer too.

I found my 95 inch curtains online at JCPenny.com for only $15 a panel and free shipping, they are normally $50 or more. Let me also say that it is impossible to find 6- 95 inch curtians in any store. No I am not getting paid for any of this, but I thought it might be helpful for some of you peeps who are freezing your little buns off now and want to save some money. What are some other energy saving ways you have kept your house warm?

Another good tip I have discovered recently is ebates. It is an online site where you get cash back for doing your regular online shopping. On average you get about 5% cash back. Almost every store that is online you can use through ebates. Macy's is 6%, Target is 4%, Jcpenny 3%. You also get $5- just for signing up. Hope this helps someone out there. Has anyone else used ebates?


  1. Thanks for all the good ideas. I love ebates. I just got a $20 check from them the other day :)

  2. Cute blog!! You are so crafty, I think your house is beautiful and didn't realize how much of it was your personal touch. I also love Ebates. I joined last fall and just received my second check

  3. great tips thanks.. and love your drapes. I really need those on my patio door. all my other windows are new with triple panes and insulation but that dorr is 15 years old and you can feel the breeze right through it.
    I'm going right now to see ig JCP still has them. thanks again-- your newest follower


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