Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love These Things

Here are a few things I love that are on my crafty to do list. This drying rack is from Ballard Designs, and is $200. It would be so cute as well as functional in my laundry room. I bet I could make it for $20.

This would be fabulous in my craft room! Mmm. Except I would use embroidery hoops for the circles and may or may not add color.

If you have a child in preschool I bet you can really use this. I am totally overflowing with preschool art. I NEED to make one of these for the playroom ASAP. I already have the clothespins.

I don't know about you but my kids books are never on their bookshelf. When I make this canvas book display I think it will be a harder for them to pull all the books out. Of course mine will be pink duck cloth, to match their headboards, and white sides. When I make this I will post a tutorial. YAY.

I will have to make one of these when I get my new SLR camera. A girls just got to have a stylin crafty camera strap. My friend at nannygoat has a great tutorial on a reversible one.

And there you have it. Fun.


  1. I will be waiting to see them ALL!

  2. I have seen the drying rack made with crib rails. You can pick up old cribs for pretty chap since they changed the rules for the rails... And I like your idea for using embroidery hoops. It really fits the Create idea.

  3. I like these drying racks, but I am interested in some that hang from the ceiling and can be raised or lowered as needed. I wonder if the same materials would work for both?

  4. Really good ideas. I want to see a tutorial for the drying rack. I've seen those a lot and want to make one too!

  5. I've done the 'Art Gallery' sign only I decoupaged clipped pictures from magazines onto the board instead of just words. Lots of color! I also painted the pins so they were bright and flamboyant! This is a great project for anyone.


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