Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hollywood Bathroom Lighting- GONE!

 So this is the typical builders lighting. EEK! Hollywood Bathroom lighting to be exact, don't ask me why. It does not say Hollywood to me. I think it's the cheapest lighting possible so the builder's just go with it.
Here is the BEFORE of my girls bathroom. You can't see it but it had a big bar of 8 "hollywood lights" at the top.
 Replacing lighting can be pretty expensive. I've been looking for a deal and found one at csn for this maxium light fixture in country stone with 7 lights for only $39 shipped! Whew hew I'll take it. And although the brown was not bad, I have a lot of black accents in that room.
So out came the ORB- oil rubbed bronze spray paint. No I didn't prime it, but I figure it is not going to be touched much and it had a mat finish to start with. I taped off my no spray areas, propped her up on some boxes and a tarp and went to town.
 And here she is now. Ahh so soo sooo much better.
I found the long shelf at Goodwill (an $8 score) and painted it black.
 These are those $3 Walmart black frames with scrapbook paper and Gerber daisies in them with some black grosgrain ribbon to hang them.
 Isn't this "Hands" soap so cute? It was a Christmas present from a friend. It is printed on some clear plastic then rolled and put into the soap.
 A close up of the ORB finish. It's mainly black with a hint of shiny brown.
 Man it makes such a big difference, and it makes me feel even better that things like this increase the value of your home so it is totally worth it!
Now I just need to frame out the mirror kinda like I did in this post!
 (No I did not get paid in any way to do this post, just thought I would pass along a good find and idea)


  1. That turned out very nice. I have 3 of those hollywood light fixtures that need to be replaced and you are right about the prices!

  2. Looks great! I love how changing out lighting makes a room feel so much different! We just changed our dining room fixture and am so glad we did.

  3. Oh, what a huge improvement. I've seen those dreadful lights. Your new ones look fabulous. Great job! Suasn

  4. I know what you mean about the "Hollywood" lighting. Just got rid of mine a little while ago too. Your new lighting is beautiful.

  5. The light looks expensive. But it's worth it if you want to use something that can bring that stylish Hollywood look to your bathroom.

  6. Looks really nice, just starting to redecorate my flat hopefully it looks as good as this in the end

  7. Fabulous lights! Nice work! Thanks for doing this blog. I love how lighting can change the entire appearance of a room! Amazing!!!

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