Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recent Thrifty Treasures

Not to brag or anything ;), but look what I found at Goodwill for $5- This will look fabulous on my porch during the Holidays with my vintage ice skates hanging on it.

This cast iron bubblegum machine was only $15! It is pretty cute as is, but I am considering making it a fish tank. Not sure if I am ready to have a pet yet. It looks super easy to make though.
Thrifty Decor Chick did it, and all you basically do is cut a piece of glass slightly larger than the bottom and glue it to the bottom of the globe with aquarium sealant.

Last but not least...
on Craig's list I found this Bassett dresser and mirror for only $30!
I love antiques. I love the styling and that they are always so well made. It is hard to find dovetail drawers these days.

Well guess what this is going to be? Haha I feel so bad telling you this, because so many people loved it. But it will be my NEW turquoise dresser/buffet table. It will work better because it is longer and I am going to leave the top brown. And the old turquoise dresser will be redone and function as a dresser/changing table.
It was so easy to prime and paint and glaze I don't feel bad having to redo it. Good news is I will do a special glazing post when I redo the new dresser.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Family Hierloom Refinished

This was my great-grandmother's cherry wood end table. I like the beautiful simple design and the open airy feel. Hubsters sanded it down, as seen in the picture below. Sorry no real before, but it wasn't much different. It was very cracked and raw.

I stained it and then sprayed a flat polyurethane on it. Ahh much better.

The littlest one accidentally spilled a little water on it right after it was in place. But no fear now. Sure enough the poly worked and it beaded right up.

Oh and I found some great thrifty treasures recently. I have some great plans for them- Post coming soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Turquoise Dresser Revamp

Do you remember this $10 dresser????

Well after a coat of primer, paint and glaze, and a little bit of sanding. Here she is now. I used it as a buffet table in my dining room.

I love the color, the curvy lines, the glaze, and the antique handles. This bottom pict is more true to the color.
I'm not quite done, but I couldn't wait to show you. We (well probably my hubby) will add a shelf or two in the open area. I think I might re-spray the handles in an oil rubbed bronze to tie more of the dark tones into this area. She is coming along so nicely though.

If you want to revamp an old piece of furniture don't be scared. It's so easy.
Here are the steps.
1. Prime- I use Kilz water based primer, only $15 a gallon with tons left for many more projects.
2. Paint- I used a brush in the corners and a roller in the flat areas. The color I choose was Valspar's Seafoam.
3. Sand edges.

4. Glaze. This step was kinda intimidating to me, but it was soo easy and makes a huge difference. It really makes the detail stand out and tones down the color. Brush glaze into corners and over flat surface. Then lightly wipe down with a damp cloth. Keep repeating until it is dark enough.
Before the wipe down.

After the wipe down.

I plan on doing something different with the table display & picture. What would you do? I am thinking about flanking the dresser/buffett with a few chairs to add length to this wall and to balance out the room better.

On another note. I rehung the $10 mirror at the end of the table, across from the windows to brighten and expand the room. Looks great here.

Gigantor Art Display

I never have a lack of my kiddies art to display and being a former art teacher I want to encourage their art skills. SOOO I made this gigantic 8 foot art display board for their playroom.
I hung it low so they could put it up themselves, and see it at their level. I also made it 2 inches thick so I could enventually put the letters play up there and an old tennis racket.
Easy Steps

1. Buy one 2x8inx8foot long board, and 12 clothes pins-mine were prepainted at hobby lobby
2. Prime it. I just set it on top of a cardboard box in my garage
3. Paint it (red took 3 coats) :)
4. Measure & mark where clothes pins should go. 8 foot board 12 clothes pins. 3 inches from side, 7 5/8 inches in between each pin- the hardest part
5. Hot glue pins on
6. Screw into wall with 2 1/2 inch screws

Some other "art" we have in our playroom, simple scrapbook paper in 12x12 frames.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet Pineapple Trick

We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight and it was great as usual. After we ate the roast and I asked if anyone knew how to cut a pineapple and Elder "T" said he did. I though he might since he is Samoan. And boy does was I right!
So, let me fill you in on a secret that he learned from a Science teacher. It makes the pineapple so sweet and less acidic.
1. Cut off the top
2. Sprinkle about a teaspoon of salt on the top of the pineapple.
3. Then use the cut off top to scrub the salt around and around. It will start to foam and that means it is working. The salt is taking the acid out of the pineapple.
4. Repeat 3 times.
5. Rinse off salt.
6. Slice and enjoy!

MMM. I just love fresh pineapple. Now go get a pineapple and try it out.

So sad I didn't get Elder T's Picture. To learn more about LDS missionaries and why they gladly serve 2 years visit
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