Monday, February 1, 2010

Pillow Wraps- way easy and cheap

Well since the Scentsy wrap was so popular I thought I would just stay with the wrap thing. ;) Pillow wraps are so great because I like changing things up a bit with the seasons and holidays and even just my mood. They are also great because they are so easy to make, change out, and they are so inexpensive.
Pillow inserts found on clearance from TJ Maxx (love that store)-$3 and 1 red pillow from Walmart $5- comes in quite a few colors. Fabric also from Walmart $3 yard. I can't believe it! I love the texture and the modern design. I actually did the backs of these in a black that I already had.
A pretty easy sew. Remember when making the pillow wraps that it should hug it a bit so it doesn't fall out of place.
Inspiration came from Martha Stewart- got to love her, she thinks of everything.

If you make these or plan to- leave a comment and/or link to your blog. Martha's photo's always look so divine. I need some yarn on my couch. ;) I'll work on my photo skills.


  1. So adorable!!! I have been looking for cute pillows for my basement couch, I would love to make these instead.

  2. I have this on my to-do list!


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