Monday, December 13, 2010

My Christmas Kitchen

 Yep I still need to add pictures to the snowflake frames. I plan on using one of our Christmas cards that has a few smaller pictures.

 It's kinda a snow theme...
 Handmade crochet snowflakes made by my grandmother years ago. Love them!

 Can't forget the kids...
 Yep Tacky window stickers, but if it keeps the kids entertained while I'm throwing dinner together then so be it. But the fresh blanket of snow is pretty.
 My little Snowmen family on top of my fridge. See tutorial here. So cute and easy!

A little more unique Christmas front porch with an antique sled and iceskates.
$5 goodwill sled, functional and pretty. I had to fight my mom for her old skates, but worth it ;)

The DIY Show Off
The Girl Creative

Thursday, December 9, 2010

O Tannenbaum

 Here is our beautiful Christmas tree this year. The theme is silver and red. Last year it was just silver but I felt like it needed red to tie into the red of our Christmas decor better.
Anyone else have a leaning angel? Hubby doesn't care and I'm too prego to try to fix it. ;)
 I love that during the day the poinsettas and the silver really stand out from darker green of the tree.
 And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

I love our garland along the stairwell. (And here's a sneak peek of the Christmas kitchen decor.)

And here's the best for last. Now who doesn't love a glowing tree at night? Feels like Christmas Eve.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Deck the Halls- Dining Room

Ohh how I love decorating for Christmas. Here's what I did this Christmas in our dining room. Ohh how I love it.
It is just so easy with Red and Greenery and Sparkle all over!
 MMM take in the Bling Bling.

 I got my red ornaments last year at Target's after clearance sale for 90% off!!
That's like basically free. I stocked up but now I wish I would have gotten more. :)

 My Joy and Believe were after Christmas buys at TJ Maxx. 
This Believe banner could so easily be recreated by all you crafters out there.
Now who wants to join me for Christmas dinner?
Stay tuned for my Family Room, Kitchen, and Porch Christmas decor.
Coming Soon!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

2x4 Snowman Family

 How cute is this wood block snowmen family? I made them yesterday on a whim, and the best part is that  I already had everything on hand. I got my idea from Crafty chic mommy, then gave it my own special touch.

How great would these be for gifts?
 Supplies needed:
  • 2x4s or 2x6s
  • paint stick or thin wood
  • sandpaper
  • white and orange paint, brown ink or paint
  • buttons
  • glue- I used my handy dandy hot glue gun
  • ribbon for scarf
  •  wood or something for hat
 To make these is pretty self explanatory. Cut wood, sand, paint white. I then inked the edges brown for a  more rustic look. Glue body together.

Then glue on your cutie accessories. The nose is a cut up paint stick.
 For the hats I used baseball bat end discards that I got from the Louisville Slugger Museum for FREE. But not everyone lives in good ol' Louisville. So you could use the end part of your paint-stick (where it is curved), smaller pieces of wood, or fabric to make your hat or go with out. 
Get creative and have fun!
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