Monday, July 26, 2010

Beadboard Picture Wall

Wah lah here is my beadboard picture wall in my kitchen. I just love the way this turned out!!! So much brightness and a personal touch that can't be beat. I absolutely love looking at my cuties everyday.
And I just love my kiddie table and chairs.

Here is the before. Ugh so plain. Sorry to pain your eyes.

Now just for eye candy after that horrible before picture, here is a beautiful sunflower that we grew. Yumm just love it, and I can see it out of my kitchen window. Makes doing dishes a little better. :)


  1. Your wall looks great! Beautiful sunflower! My favorite bright, cheery and just a fun, happy flower.

  2. The wall look so good! I want to do something like that in my house too. I hope you left room for #3. :)


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