Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recent Thrifty Treasures

Not to brag or anything ;), but look what I found at Goodwill for $5- This will look fabulous on my porch during the Holidays with my vintage ice skates hanging on it.

This cast iron bubblegum machine was only $15! It is pretty cute as is, but I am considering making it a fish tank. Not sure if I am ready to have a pet yet. It looks super easy to make though.
Thrifty Decor Chick did it, and all you basically do is cut a piece of glass slightly larger than the bottom and glue it to the bottom of the globe with aquarium sealant.

Last but not least...
on Craig's list I found this Bassett dresser and mirror for only $30!
I love antiques. I love the styling and that they are always so well made. It is hard to find dovetail drawers these days.

Well guess what this is going to be? Haha I feel so bad telling you this, because so many people loved it. But it will be my NEW turquoise dresser/buffet table. It will work better because it is longer and I am going to leave the top brown. And the old turquoise dresser will be redone and function as a dresser/changing table.
It was so easy to prime and paint and glaze I don't feel bad having to redo it. Good news is I will do a special glazing post when I redo the new dresser.


  1. I bought a gumball machine like that and gave it bath and a coat of fresh paint. Maybe you could just fix it up for peanuts or m&m's or something?

  2. Good grief, girl. I am so jealous of your finds!

  3. Beautiful dress and mirror! That was a great deal!

  4. How neat would that bubble gum machine be as a fish bowl.


  5. Oh wow! I love the vintage gumball machine. I have been wanting one for a while. Lucky! :)


  6. You are amazing...are you announcing since you will be making the turqouise dresser into a changing table??? Elwyn colored all over our changing table...i discovered it this morning!!! I guess i will add that to my list of projects.

  7. Hi!
    I've been reading your blog for a bit and it just dawned on me you are Danielle!! I love seeing all of the projects that you are working on around your house! That turquoise dresser is to die for!!
    (from your ward :)

  8. Oooooh love that old gumball machine!


  9. What a wonderful find!! I have been on the hunt for one of those as well! You are too funny abt already redoing your dresser from the previous post! I am just abt done with the guest room headboard.

  10. Yes, I would like you to answer "The Wilson's" question: Are you expecting? That was my first thought considering your youngest is potty trained . . .

  11. I have one too! It was my husbands grandparents. I have it in my entry way.

  12. wow! I have a gumball machine sitting on my counter that I have yet to figure out what to do with.
    A fishbowl might be just the thing!
    I also LOOOOOVE that mirror. *drool*
    I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll come stop by and say hello.

  13. Great finds, but the dresser and mirror set take the cake for me. I found my French provincial dresser on Craig's list for $30 as well. That seems to be the magic number for these pieces. :) Love it!


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