Monday, April 26, 2010

Family Hierloom Refinished

This was my great-grandmother's cherry wood end table. I like the beautiful simple design and the open airy feel. Hubsters sanded it down, as seen in the picture below. Sorry no real before, but it wasn't much different. It was very cracked and raw.

I stained it and then sprayed a flat polyurethane on it. Ahh much better.

The littlest one accidentally spilled a little water on it right after it was in place. But no fear now. Sure enough the poly worked and it beaded right up.

Oh and I found some great thrifty treasures recently. I have some great plans for them- Post coming soon.


  1. I adore cherrywood furniture. You did a wonderful job. I would like to say I could do that, but I have botched many a refinishing job in my day. This table is beautiful.

  2. What a wonderful treasure. I know your great-grandmother is thrilled that you have brought it back to life and given it a good home. Special treasure. Hugs, Marty

  3. Beautiful! I'm with Grandma Sue, I love cherry wood. Your end table looks like new.

  4. sweet!! you breathed new life into this old piece. :) it turned out very nice!


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