Friday, September 24, 2010

Fabric Pumpkins- Ohh the Options!

I don't know about you but I love decorating for fall because you can leave the decorations up for so long.
SO today I will show you how to make these cutie fabric pumpkins!

With all your fabric options your possibilities are endless!

A great thing is they are easy and cheap. No sewing machine required!

You can even make pink pumpkins for your little girls room. :)
So turn on your Scentsy with some pumpkin pie scent invite a friend over for 2x the fun and get craftin!!
  • about 1/2 a yard of fabric will make about 3 pumpkins. One Papa one Mama and one baby sized.
  • leaves to match your fabric
  • DMC Embroidery Floss/ needle
  • a BUNCH of plastic grocery bags. (for the stuffing)
  • Jute twine/ pencil
  • glue gun/ glue sticks
  • Sticks cut to about 4 inches
  • rubber bands/twisty ties (an easy option)

  1. Wrap jute around pencil, bake at 300 for 5 minutes. let cool for 5 minutes. you know it's done when it gets stinky. ;)
2. Cut your fabric into 3 different sizes. one large about 16x30, medium about 10x22, small about 8x20. These are just guesstimates. Every pumpkin of mine is different which makes them all unique.
3. Fold the fabric in half with fold on short side. So if you are doing a large folded it would measure 16x15. Glue along edge with fabric right side facing in, like in picture.

4. Gather bottom of fabric. Tie with rubber band, twist tie or sew shut. I ran out of twisties and rubber bands. :< 5. Turn right side out and stuff with plastic bags until really full. (so that later when you do the lines with the embroidery floss it will poof.)
6. Put a stick in the top and stitch around top of fabric and gather.
7. With a long piece of floss tie a double knot in one end and stitch the lines from top to bottom going opposite of each other. Do 6 lines.
8. Glue on your leaves and jute, and secure stick with glue as well. And Wah lah you have a gorgeous little pumpkin!
This is a fun project to do with friends and make a little collection of pumpkins. I have been making these guys with friends for 5 years now. Fun every time.

Happy Fall Yall!


  1. Oh how fun are these. I love them. Great tutorial too. I need to make some. Adorable. Hugs, Marty

  2. Your pumpkins are so cute!! I love the wood stems!

  3. I love these pumpkins! Great tutorial. I am going to try these this weekend with my little nephew and neighbor kids. Great idea to be able to use all differnet kinds of fabrics so they can personalize their own. Very clever.

  4. These are so cute. I like how you used the leaves for pumpkin leaves, the stick stems, the variety of fabric...

  5. Very cute. Thanks for showing how to do that. I bought one at a craft show last year, but thought they would be too hard for little old me to make, but it looks like I can handle this. Great job on the tutorial.

  6. Thank you for the how-to on the pumpkins. I love them I can't wait to make them.

  7. What a lovely idea and fabulous tutorial! I'd love if you linked up this project to my weekly Round Tuit party at:

    Hope you have a lovely week

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. Super cute! I made some very similar to this recently. I love your idea about using sticks for the stems! Smart! Visiting from Its So Very Cheri

  9. Sooo adorable!! Absolutely precious!

  10. Very cute and great tutorial! Endless how you did the stems :)

    So glad you could Mi4M!

  11. So cute! And fast to do. I like fast. I've been thinking about making some of these for a couple of years now. Maybe I should just do it!

  12. My friend stopped by this morning for coffee and a chat and brought me a fabric pumpkin, which I like. What a coincidence seeing your cute pumpkins and helpful tutorial the same day. Thanks for sharing.

  13. These are adorable! I love the twine vines and the real sticks for the stems. Such a clever idea. I especially like the fabrics in the first picture. Nice job!

  14. Your pumpkins are adorable!

  15. I remember making those at your house...i'm pretty sure Willow was bugging me, but i still have them, and LOVE them:) Thanks for being crafty with me.

  16. Love, love, love this tutorial! I need to invest some time and money into this lil project! Thanks for sharing! :)


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