Tuesday, March 30, 2010

:( Broken

Ahh my sewing machine is broken! So sad. I don't know what happened. I came to sew yesterday and it won't work. I tried different outlets but that didn't do anything. What? I was only 6 years young. What could have happenned, if you leave it on does it burn it up or something? I just can't figure it out.
Soo there goes the money I was saving for my new camera. :( Anyways any suggestions on what kind of machine i should get? or what features or options I should get? What do you have? What do you like/ dislike abut it?
Thanks for the help.


  1. I'm not a sewing/machine expert. But since you asked . . . I have a Viking/Husqvarna. It has always been good to me - it is 10 years young. I mostly straight stitch so I got just the basic model, nothing fancy. Not worth it to me to pay the extra money for lots of bells and whistles I would rarely use. Good Luck!

  2. Could it just be a cord problem? Perhaps contact the company and ask them what could be the problem.


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