Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Girl in Blue

 If you don't know I have 3 happy little girls.

 And oh how they love pink. We have lots of pink in this house, which I do love. 
But blue is nice too, so classic and crisp. I just love it on little girls, but it is kinda hard to find. So I made this little blue toile skirt for my littlest one.

 A very simple elastic waist and some ribbon for a bow belt.

   But seriously what wouldn't be cute on this darling?

With big ol bow to top it off. 
Yes a blue outfit on a bald headed baby, but I don't think any grannies will be mistaking her for a boy......
but you never know ;).


  1. Your little baby girl is so cute, and I adore little girls in blue, also. No one will mistake her for a boy......bald headed babies are the cutest in all the world to me!! You have dressed her in such a darling outfit.

  2. Adorable baby girl, and so fun to mix up the pink with blue!!

    I'd love it if you'd check out my Party on Tuesdays:


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