Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kitchen Chairs!

So I have had my kitchen chairs painted now for about a month, but they wore me out so bad I am just now feel like posting about them. :) So here is my table and chairs, finally done.
I borrowed my friends paint sprayer thinking it would be fairly easy, like a can of spray paint right?...well it wasn't easy. A paint sprayer is much heavier and finicky than a can of spray paint. But it produces beautiful results, very nice and even, in the exact color you want, and is cheaper than buying a zillion cans of paint. And I can't even imagine trying to paint all those spindles using a brush!
I followed the basic steps- 1-2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint, distressing, glaze, and polyurethane. Ah it makes me tired even typing out all those steps. I posted step by step instructions on the table transformation found here.
A few tips on using a paint sprayer:
-you have to thin the paint A LOT!!!!!!
-because the paint is thinner, it applies thin coats- so be patient.
-it dries a little faster because it is thinner :)
-your forearm will get tired- because the sprayer is heavy.-nice workout
-cover everything!!- my garage floor is a little splotchy now :)

More creamy goodness.
And on another note... I got some vinyl for my picture gallery/ kiddie table wall. Only $8 after I used my Kohl's $10 giftcard I got in the mail.
Finally complete... until I change my mind. :)


  1. You know, I see that style of table/chairs on CL frequently. What a HUGE difference painting and distressing them makes. You did a great job.

  2. Your set looks fabulous! I love the distressing. I am currently painting a farmhouse table and four Windsor chairs black. I was torn between black vs. white, but finally settled for black. I know what you mean about the spindles. I'm using a brush and lots of thin coats. It is going well, but lots of work.

  3. Your table and chairs look fabulous. I love the color and the distressing. You did a wonderful job. Just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hmmm...I have a paint sprayer and just salvaged a table and set of chairs. i was thinking (or not...depends on the thoughts) of doing the whole set by hand - especially because I want to chalkboard paint the table.

    Of course I am procrastinating on this project (smile). Nice results on your set.


  5. I can so feel your pain. I just finished a very similar set of table and chairs. Your finished product is beautiful, the hard work paid off!

  6. Forgot to add, I also have a kids table and chairs like yours, for my granddaughter. Her table is white with one pink and one aqua chair.

  7. Very nice! I have a paint sprayer, but still reach for the spray paint sometimes because it's just so easy!

  8. Your table and chairs turned out wonderful! Worth all your hard work!
    Dee Dee

  9. i like the country kitchen table and chair set, the painting job came our really good too. i agree spray paint is much easier to deal with in especially in those tiny little wood work details.

    blog hopping, new follower from NewFriendFriday at TrendyTreehouse, jazevox

  10. They're beautiful though! Awesome reward for all of your hard work! Love them! I have 2 out of 8 chairs that arrived more yellowed than the other two. I am not looking forward to matching them to the others (and was too impatient to return them - I guess it was the reason these two were cheaper). ugh.

    Thanks for linking your project in the DIY Project Parade! Great job!


  11. the table looks great, I do so much painting that I bought a paint sprayer, tried it and took it back Kudo's to you for making it work!
    I am visiting from Cottage Instincts


  12. Looks just wonderful my friend..great tips about the sprayer..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  13. It looks like all the work was really worth it - it turned out awesome!


  14. Wow! This turned out just amazing!! All your hard work paid off for sure! I'm happy to be your newest follower of your delightful blog! Be sure to come by FrouFrouDecor..I love having new friends! I also have a link party every Friday and would love to have you link up!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~!

  15. Very nice. You did a beautiful job. Your hard work paid off! Thanks for sharing.

  16. This turned out great!! I can tell you that painting spindles with a brush is horrible!! Glad you got the spray gun to work for you!

  17. I think this is a good idea. I am surfing for improvements to chairs for my own little space ... see and this may just be my answer. Love the site which I have only just stumbled upon. I am a new crafter and new blogger and need inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  18. You did good!!! I especially liked the "home" wall. Beautifully done, all of it.

    Here's My SnT for the week Hope you can drop by for a visit.

  19. Looks great. It was worth all of the work! :-)

  20. very vintage but very beautiful looking chairs, it looks like a country kitchen and very homely, i liked the chairs a lot

  21. It looks amazing! I love your blog. Please check out mine too?


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